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Logitech is making a mystery gaming handheld — and it supports Xbox Cloud Gaming

Logitech x Tencent
(Image credit: Logitech )

Logitech is partnering up with Tencent Games to develop a new gaming handheld to arrive in 2022, and it aims to advance handheld cloud gaming by including support for Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

As announced (opens in new tab), Logitech G will be developing the hardware while Tencent will work on the mystery handheld's software. Both gaming giants will be working with Microsoft and Nvidia to bring their cloud gaming services to the platform, but seeing how it will "support multiple cloud gaming services," we could see more come on board.

While Logitech only hints at a launch date later this year, we have yet to know what the device will look like, or if it will offer anything other than cloud gaming services. Both companies are going all in "to deliver on the exciting promise of gaming from the cloud," but it will see a lot of competition from both popular gaming handhelds like the Steam Deck (which also supports cloud gaming), along with phone controllers like the Backbone One for iPhone and Gamesir X3 for Android. 

(Image credit: Future)

Logitech G’s leadership in PC and console gaming gear make them an ideal partner to help us realize the vision of bringing a better gaming experience to gamers around the globe,” said Tencent general manager Daniel Wu. “Today marks the start of a new opportunity for our companies to further push the frontiers of gaming devices.”

Logitech G manager Ujesh Desai continues: "As one of the leading global platforms for game development, publishing and operations, Tencent Games has been at the forefront of innovation and it’s why we partnered with them.”

It will be exciting to see what both Logitech and Tencent come up with, especially if it turns out to be a more affordable device than the gaming handhelds already on the market.

Whatever the case, you can sign up to get the latest updates about the device on Logitech's website (opens in new tab). In the meantime, find out why the Xbox handheld already exists (sort of) — it just needs a Game Pass app. 

Darragh Murphy
Darragh Murphy

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